Day 36

In fact ,the strategy of regular investing is not only applicable (适用)to trading markets. It's useful in almost all important areas of life, whether it be study ,work or family.

"Lifelong learning" is essentially a regular  investing strategy isn't it ? 

If you could drew a " price curve" for individual's learning, it would look a lot like the S&P500.

Even though it increases substantially over time(随着时间推移大幅成长), it goes though long periods of flat growth or even drops.

Often when you are  investing time in learning something it feels like you would be better off not learning it . The "bear market"is long isn't it? This explains why so few people are able to become true lifelong learners , the reason is the same everyone wants to make money quickly in the bull market and than leave.






 Day 37

Jeff bezos once asked Warren Buffett 

"Your investment thesis(论文,论点) is so simple , why doesn't everyone just copy you? "

Buffett reply was so striking:

Because no one wants to get rich slow.

有一次 Jeff Bezos 问 Warren Buffett , 为什么你的投资策略这么简单,但却很少有人采用,甚至只有你一个人真正使用呢?Warren Buffett 的回答简单却又令人震惊:


Day 38

The most important part of Buffett's strategy is to hold for the long term .

He said "Our favorite holding period is forever" At its core ,the reason why regular investing works is that it is the ideal (理想)version of a long-term holding strategy.

Most of time ,even Buffett doesn't just buy a target all at once he enters his position over time.

These who follow the regular investing strategy also continue to buy at regular intervals over the long term, and hold the asset throughout the process.

Warren Buffett 的投资策略之中最重要的一个关键就是“长期持有”,他的原话是,“我们最喜欢的长期是永远。定投策略之所以有效,本质上来看,因为他是”长期持有策略“的最有效改良。

Warren Buffett 大多数情况下也并不是一次性购入,同样也会多次分批买入,而后长期持有;同样定投策略采用者,不过是在相当长一段时间里,持续分次买入的同时,坚决不卖一直持有。

Day 39 (Repeat Day 1)


While the financial trading markets are no doubt the best place to make money through critical thinking and the application of knowledge there is also no other place where people are more severely punished for a lack of critical thinking.

Investing is risky,so make your decisions carefully!



Day 40 (Repeat Day 2)

As Howard Stanley Marks, who was listed as the 374th wealthiest person in the United States in 2017, once said:

" There are old investors, and there are bold investors ,but there are no old bold investors" 

2017年的时候,福布斯杂志将著名投资人霍华德 . 斯利坦.马克斯列为全美第374位最富有的人,他说过一句非常有趣的话: