Day 16

The strategy of regular investing is correct, but the target investment must be chosen by each individual investor. In this book i will provide you the tools to make your own decision about what to invest in.

I will do so by showing you what I'm regularly investing in, and explaining the reasoning behind that choice.

定投策略本身是正确的,而定投标的,则应该是读者自己的选择---并且。事实上这个选择并不是很难。在这本书中,我将为你提供工具,让你自己决定投资什么。  我会向你展示我定投的标的,并解释这个选择背后的原因。

 Day 17

On regular investing is not only an open-source book, it's also paired with BOX, the first digital asset ETF with no carry or management fees, which i designed. Regular investing is simple ,but not necessarily easy, because it's as if a boat we are sailing in is passing by the island of the Sirens. Box is the boat , and those who are investing in BOX with us are sailors who need  to fill their ears with wax.The wax is continuous learning about regular investing, which i hope to provide in this book and in my classes.

I suppose I am Odysseus , trying myself to the mast. Since there are no management  fees, the way i make money is simple: like everyone else, I am in the same boat, regularly investing in BOX.


Day 18

We should solve the most important problem at the very beginning and not let it take root and grow into a problem tree that gives us plethora troubles to deal with.

This might be the single most important piece of  wisdom in life.


Day 19

Before long ,you will discover that the strategy of regular investing is not only applicable to investing. Actually it's applicable to most areas of life , including personal relationship. These are all areas in which the strategy should be used from the very beginning. 


Day 20

So again, the reason I am writing this book is because i hope that ten, twenty,or even thirty years from now its content will still be useful to many.