On regular investing

In fact success is a new beginning.

If you start a business, this is beginning rather than an end. Each time your business raises money from venture capital, that is also a new beginning. Even if you go  public ,that is still a new beginning rather than an end point. Because you have to continue to help the company grow.

In fact, the most tragic failures in life always come from perceiving a new beginning as an end point.



Investment is also one of these few essential decisions in life. But most people haven't seriously thought about it let alone made decision. 


The investment arena is divided into two extremes, it's a binary world in which you're a 1 or a 0. Either you are extremely successful or you are not extremely successful and then you are mediocre like everyone else which is basically equal to 0.


In my view the existence phenomenon   is also related to the fact that most people fail to resolve the most important problem at beginning.


So what's the most important concept in the area of investment ? Long - term.


There are more scams in the investment world then in any other area. Why?

Because people who have not deeply understood the important concept of long term are always  confronting their "problem tree"


Each leaf on the tree is perceived problem that they must solve, and each branch is something bigger that they need to think about.


They ignore the roots underground though because they are too mysterious to understand .

In fact, this tree should not even exist.


There is a huge gap between knowing and doing, and long term practice is the only way to cross this gap.


A strategy of regular investing is the simplest way to practice investing,as all you have to do is regularly purchase a set investment over the long term.

However, simple itself doesn't necessarily means easy.


In Greek mythology, there is an island inhabited by the beautiful Sirens. Their incomparable appearance and voice caused passing sailers to lost their minds and crash into the rocks.


Only two heroes were able to safely pass.The first was Orpheus who played lyre so beautifully that it drowned out the voice of the Sirens.

The second was Odysseus who used wax to plug his sailors's ears and ordered them to tie him to the ship's mast so that he could hear the Siren's song that he knew he would be unable to resist.



inhabited (居住)