Day 1

Warning 警告

While the financial trading markets are no doubt the best place to make money through critical thinking and the application of knowledge, there is also no other place where people are more severely punished for a lack of critical thinking.


Investing is risky ,so make your decisions carefully!


认知= Critical thinking + application of knowledge 批判性思考+应用知识


As Howard Stanley Marks, who was listed as the 374th wealthiest person in the United States in 2017,once said:

2017年的时候,福布斯杂志将著名投资人霍华德 . 斯利坦.马克斯列为全美第374位最富有的人,他说过一句非常有趣的话:

" There are old investors, and there are bold investors ,but there are no old bold investors" 



Don't be so naive as to believe that you can turn into a superman just because you learned something new yesterday. Translating knowledge into meaningful action takes much more time than you've ever imagined.

Relax, take it easy, and don't rush.You can lift a very heavy weight, but without proper training you can hurt yourself.


Day 4 

Preface (前言)

It's been ten years since i published "Befriending Time", and it's still a bestseller.While I was writing the book, i tried to adhere(坚持) to following principle(原则) :Will this book still be useful to readers in ten years?