In addition to being bestsellers, my book are often perennial sellers. Here are many secrets for writing a book that continues to sell well over time: simple, direct, brutal and effective.


Because i have been writing in this simple direct, brutal, and effective way for so long.

I have a deep understanding of the following fact:

Solving the single most important problem can directly avoid the problem that so many others face.  



Actually, most problems in life are due (应付)to failing to resolve the most important problem right from the start.

If you can handle the most important problem in the beginning ,then even though there will still be many other difficulties, they won't be the eternal (永恆)problems that so many people face.


When facing the few truly essential decisions in life many people also ignore the most important problem. For instance when choosing whom to marry "is she or he reasonable "is always outside the scope(範圍、規模) of consideration even though it is the single most important factor.

Instead, they focus on appearance (外觀、樣子、外觀設計), education ,background, etc., without considering which factor will be most important in the future.

of course maybe this is because they themselves aren't reasonable person.

(yes, it's true, most people aren't very reasonable and they stay this way throughout (自始至終) their lives.


当然,这也跟他们自己就不是一个讲道理的人有关,又,的确 绝大多数人都不是讲道理的人。

Because they haven't eradicated(铲除)the most important problem, t sprouts (豆芽 发芽)like a seed growing both a tree above ground and deep structure below, creating countless new we see the same situation again and again.

People surround the problem tree above ground wasting lots of time and energy , trying to find ways to solve perceived problem , that wouldn't have existed at all if they made right decision a long time ago. They don't even notice that real problem is the roots of the tree.


Another common yet surprising example can be found in most people's perception of "success"


most people see success as an end point and this misunderstanding leads to countless new problems that could have been avoided in beginning.


success is hard to achieve , if we see it as an end point.because we will imbue such a final goal with so many unrealistic hope and fantasies that we will be unlikely to reach it.


Even is some who take success  as an end point are lucky enough for reach it the process will make them abnormal .


The craziness that follows success and the result of that craziness is actually the result of the mistaken belief from years before that success is an end point.